Early records of our church have been sketchy at best but according to what has been discovered, the formation of the Perrysville was around 1851 with the original church being erected in 1871 at a cost of $2,675.  The minister at the time was T.C. Warner and the frame building was about 30 by 50 feet.

According to reports, this structure was lost to a devastating fire on Dec. 9, 1917.  Working with various folks from the Perrysville-Newville charge, Rev. H.E. Stout and his committee presented plans for a specially designed community church.  The procedure was to use native lumber in the framing and photos of the huge log used for its construction are presently showcased in the vestibule.

​The new church was dedicated January 27, 1920 and the cost of the building was $14,887.  A parsonage that is now just a memory was sold in August of 1924 to aid in paying off the indebtedness for the new church.  In 1948, rest rooms were installed and the fellowship hall was remodeled for use as a social room and classrooms in 1964. 

For many years, Mansfield Plumbing Products held their annual Christmas awards at the church.  Then known as Mansfield Sanitary Pottery, the Drouhard family, owners of the factory, used the church to pass out yearly Christmas gifts as well as profit sharing checks